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PepsiCo is one of the world's leading food and beverage companies with a global portfolio of diverse and beloved brands.


 - Planning in an environment of high complexity 
 - Relationship with suppliers / customers is based on product discounts and a push method


 - Deliver a better view of supply chain for Sales, Marketing, Operations and Finance teams.
 - Implement a demand-driven process while reorganizing process orientation to synchronize cross-company operations at store level. 


 - Service level increased by 66% 
 - MAPE reduced by 55%
 - Working capital reduced by 4%
 - Out-of-stock at POS reduced by 37%

“Besides reducing out-of-stocks, there are other great benefits when using NeoGrid solutions, such as coordinating actions to take at points of sale, ensuring that the products listed on the retailers’ weekly catalogue are available to prevent trade losses, control the sales transactions and promotions; all this is helping PepsiCo to increase its sales.”

Supply Chain Executive – PepsiCo Brazil

To overcome challenges, this client uses the following solutions:

Sales and Operations Planning

Sales and Operations Planning

Reduce the complexity of your planning process with multiple sources of information to improve business strategies and results throughout the organization, based on demand-driven sales and operations planning.

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Distribution Requirements Planning

Distribution Requirements Planning

Managing demand in a complex distribution environment and reducing out-of-stocks and overstocks at the same time, with higher inventory turns, can become a reality.

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