Red Bull - Red Bull | Retail Insights

Red Bull is the highest-selling energy drink in the world.


 - Out-of-stock, overstocks and/or phantom inventories at POS
 - Lack of information about inventory levels at distributors/retailers


 - Reduce out-of-stock and phantom inventories
 - Improve relationships with suppliers


 - Out-of-stock reduced by 58%
 - Phantom inventories reduced by 40%


"[NeoGrid] facilitated our work with the merchandising team, receiving information via cell phones on the day before visiting the retailers. We are now able to combat the two main obstacles hindering sales: stock-outs and phantom inventories."

National Account Manager – Red Bull Brazil

To overcome challenges, this client uses the following solutions:

Retail Insights

Retail Insights

Avoiding out-of-stocks or excess inventories and getting accurate information about products’ performance at points of sales (POS) is what manufacturers and retailers desire to know on a daily basis.

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