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Vonpar/Coca-Cola is one of the largest Coca-Cola bottling companies in Brazil, with three plants, five distribution centers and 4,000 employees.


 - Loss of margin due to excess inventories 
 - Loss of revenue due to out-of-stocks, which leads to a loss of customers and market share 
 - Tied up cash flow due to low inventory turnover


 - Balance inventories leading to more sales and an optimized cash flow
 - Reduce time spent on sending orders
 - Improve availability and product range through reduced out-of-stocks
 - Assure end-consumer satisfaction


 - Sales increase by 26% 
 - Lost sales reduced by 15% 
 - Service level increased by 6%

To overcome challenges, this client uses the following solutions:

Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory

Synchronize with your clients’ supply chain and balance their inventory levels so they don’t have to worry about being out-of-stock or overstocking slow-moving items and you can adjust your production according to their demand.

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