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World’s leading global manufacturer of home appliances with $19 billion in sales in 2013.


 - Scattered information in all kind of formats
 - Comparing and finding new suppliers is difficult and time demanding


 - Increase productivity while optimizing supplier management
 - Reduce the level of bureaucracy in the sales process
 - Consolidate supply information


 - Increased service level by 75%
 - Reduced raw material inventory by 58% 
 - Reduced finished product inventory by 40%
 - Reduced manufacturing freezing period from 28 days to 3 (over four years)


“We chose NeoGrid for portability and scalability of its system. We now have less bureaucracy in the sales process, and supply information is in one place. This facilitates decision-making and frees up time that was previously spent inputting information manually.”

Paulo Miri – Supply Director – Whirlpool Brazil

To overcome challenges, this client uses the following solutions:

Retail Insights

Retail Insights

Avoiding out-of-stocks or excess inventories and getting accurate information about products’ performance at points of sales (POS) is what manufacturers and retailers desire to know on a daily basis.

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Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing

Imagine if you could typically reduce costs by 5-20 percent and save 26 hours per eRFx and eAuction, while also lowering your risk with process enforcement and compliance.

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