From Sell-In to Sell-Out

Event published on 7/14/16
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Prepare to be challenged

In today’s marketplace, success is dependent upon embracing new technologies, data streams and ways of interacting with consumers and trading partners. A true paradigm shift is underway, yet many companies, while embracing new technologies, fail to adjust their business rules and practices to fully leverage the benefits these new techniques offer.



NeoGrid founder, Miguel Abuhab, challenges contemporary business rules and process constraints and will  present  technology solutions that offer a new and innovative way of managing supply chain operations. Join us to hear how to  take  advantage of the latest supply chain technologies and reengineer your business process to meet tomorrow’s  challenges.



You'll Learn

  • checkmarkWhy paradigm shifts are a necessity in today's business climate for overcoming contemporary technology constraints
  • checkmarkHow visibility into integrated metrics can help you drive profitability and move from a push-based to a pull-based model
  • checkmarkHow manufacturers can maximize cash flow, minimize lost sales, reduce overstocks and ensure product availability at the store shelves


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About Miguel


A mechanical engineer from São Paulo Brazil, Abuhab established NeoGrid in 1999 to help manufacturers manage product inventories at customer sites by automatically generating replenishment orders based on actual consumption. Today, NeoGrid has evolved into a supply chain management solutions leader, enabling demand-driven replenishment, point-of-sale (POS) visibility and integration brokerage capabilities to many of the world's largest manufacturers.  


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