Neogrid Details Solution for Accurate In-Season Replenishment for Fashion Retailers in New eBook

News published on 4/13/18
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London – April 16, 2017 – Neogrid, a global technology provider of end-to-end supply chain management solutions, has announced the release of its latest eBook, “Perform more accurate in-season replenishment based on actual demand to drive more sales!” In this eBook, Neogrid supply chain experts show fashion retailers how they can avoid out-of-stocks and excess inventory by using Smart Allocation for initial inventory orders and in-season Demand-Driven Replenishment (DDR)–with little to no historical data. To request this eBook, visit

For new items that do not have a sales history, Smart Allocation makes correlations between similar items in order to determine the initial allocation of new items to the locations it will perform the best in, at the right quantities. Demand-Driven Replenishment uses the actual in-season consumption of each SKU on the store level to ensure products are available without overstocking inventories.

This free eBook covers key items that must be recognized while implementing smart initial allocation and in-season DDR in order to:

  • Improve initial inventory
  • Optimize in-season inventory
  • Increase sales throughput
  • Decrease lost sales
  • Gain insights into consumer demand

Paris Gogos, VP product and marketing, Neogrid International, said, “Fashion apparel is constantly changing and evolving, creating a multitude of revolving products with short life cycles. Because of this product turnover, fashion retailers are tasked with the challenge of managing a high number of SKUs and replenishing in-season inventory without the benefit of historical demand data, leading to out-of-stocks or excess inventory. However, by implementing smart initial allocation and Demand-Driven Replenishment, retailers are able to better predict sales to increase operation efficiency, reduce marked down prices, and efficiently meet consumer demand.”

Neogrid supply chain experts will be showcasing the company’s solutions at stand C188 during the Retail Business Technology Expo on May 2-3 in London. For more information about the event, visit

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Get the eBook, “Perform more accurate in-season replenishment based on actual demand to drive more sales!”

About Neogrid

Neogrid delivers quick time to value through its fast-to-implement next generation supply chain solution — which provides analytics, planning and execution from shelf to production in a global cloud-based platform. For more information, visit

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