NeoGrid Featured in Supply Chain Insights Podcast on the Supply Chain of the Future

News published on 9/9/15

Lora Cecere, the founder of Supply Chain Insights, featured our CPG director, Eric Blackburn, for her podcast — Straight Talk With Supply Chain Insights.

In the episode entitled "Technology, Data, and Supply Chain 2025 with Eric Blackburn of NeoGrid," Cerece interviewed Blackburn about his views on the future of supply chain, but what excites him is what's happening right here, right now at NeoGrid — a demand-driven supply chain is available TODAY.

"What we're doing at NeoGrid is a demand-driven supply chain. That is available today. That's the thing that excites me the most," said Blackburn. "We have the technology that enables it: faster internet, faster computer processers, lower cost to store data. And it's a beautiful scenario in terms of driving better business decisions. I think the speed of business is going to change as a result, but it all starts with that data that's been captured and pulling that to do what-if scenarios. What excites me is the fact that we play very nicely in that regard of integrating our solutions to supply chain from vendor managed inventory and sales and operations planning to trade promotion management."

Donwload episode #145 on iTunes, or listen to it from the SCI website:

Discuss further with Blackburn at the SCI Global Summit this week in Scottsdale!

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