NeoGrid Launches All-New Supply Chain Blog!

News published on 9/6/16
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This blog is a place for our team of thought-leaders to share insights and best practices with you, the supply chain community. Consider the NeoGrid Supply Chain Blog an open forum for analyzing and discussing everyday issues of business and industry trends all while sharing inspirational success stories.

You can expect new and thought-provoking posts every other week, discussing topics ranging from problem solving out-of-stocks to explanations of innovative concepts that are sure to shake things up a bit!

The NeoGrid Supply Chain Blog is kept up to date with posts written by our very own NeoGrid visionaries who are passionate about information technology, software and exceptional supply chain management. We look forward to sharing our supply chain experience with you!

For us, content isn’t complete until it’s shared. Come in, take a look around and feel free to share what you like!


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