NeoGrid & Nielsen Celebrate Partnership that Defines Market Indicators for Supply Chain in Latin America

News published on 5/28/14
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Following our belief that the end consumer dictates the rhythm across the entire supply chain, we announce today a major agreement between NeoGrid Latin America and the expert in analyzing consumer behavior - Nielsen! Nielsen is a leading global information and research company, studying consumer trends and habits across more than 100 countries.

In Latin America only, the agreement joins NeoGrid and Nielsen's solutions for store level consumption visibility. NeoGrid RI - Retail Intelligence and Nielsen RDDS - Retail Direct Data Solutions will now be a new, single solution called Supply Chain Insights.

The partnership will also bring to the Latin American market a new product, the Supply Chain Benchmark, which provides market average comparisons for indicators like understocks, overstocks and phantom inventories.

With Nielsen's reference in end consumer analysis and NeoGrid's supply chain management DNA, the combined expertise opens up many opportunities for customers and partners in Latin America.

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