NeoGrid Wins 2015 SupplyChainBrain 100 Great Supply Chain Partners Award

News published on 7/31/15

NeoGrid has been identified by SupplyChainBrain as one of the 100 Great Supply Chain Partners of 2015. We would like to thank our wholesale grocer client for nominating us for quickly enabling them with a sustainable eSourcing program!

The SCB 100 focuses on partnerships that “soar together successfully.” Relying on a partner to help manage an intricate supply chain takes trust and teamwork. From the SCB team: “Nominators had to believe that their partners helped them in some important way to overcome real-world issues. In other words, the partners didn't merely do what the contract stipulated; they did what was necessary to ensure that the relationship was fruitful and beneficial – to everybody.”

With top supply chain talent in our professional services team, it is an honor to have our sourcing consultants recognized for going above and beyond, inspiring our client to submit this nomination:

“For the past three years, NeoGrid team members have been a responsive, consultative resource and have helped us create a sustainable eSourcing program. NeoGrid’s Full Service Events have helped us ramp up our sourcing program by enabling us to run 39 eRFx or eAuction events in our first 3 months.

We would then continue on to self-manage 89 other events using NeoGrid’s ezMarket solution in our first year alone. These figures have been sustained year after year as we’ve used NeoGrid ezMarket to drive our eSourcing program.”

According to SCB readers, an exceptional — award-winning — partner exhibits the following strengths:

  • Reliability – Meaning well is not enough; hope is not a business model.
  • Excellence – If they don't have this upfront, should they be your partner?
  • Value – Seriously, what does your potential partner bring to the table?
  • Expertise – Give me a partner who knows my business – and something I don't already know.
  • Problem-solver – You deserve a proactive partner, not one looking to you for the answers.
  • Continuous improvement – Does your partner value ongoing education?
  • Support – Your partner needs to support you well after the sale is done or the implementation is finished.
  • Positive attitude – You need a partner who sees challenges as opportunities.
  • Global reach – You can't conquer the world if you have a stay-at-home partner.
  • Strong leadership – What's required is much more than Leadership 101.

Watch this video to learn the four ways you can drive a sustainable eSourcing program!

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