SDCE Interviews NeoGrid North America CEO Paulo Viola

News published on 9/25/15
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Supply & Demand Chain Executive (SDCE) invited Paulo Viola, the chief executive officer of NeoGrid North America, to sit down with them to discuss his thoughts on sales and operations planning (S&OP) for a Q&A called "Getting on the Same Page with Sales and Operations Planning.”

SDCE asked Viola the most effective way to execute S&OP and why ERP can’t handle it on its own.

“The most effective way to execute S&OP is through a simple (not simplistic) collaborative process,” said Viola, “and technology in which stakeholders can share their experience and really contribute to company performance,” — an experience ERP alone cannot provide.

"Without alignment and collaboration between functions, S&OP becomes just a way of communicating the top-down number and what top management needs to deliver, but not how to do it. Sales, marketing, distribution, production and procurement need to be aligned so that the company strategically buys, produces and distributes what it sells, and so that it invests in the right actions to make the most sales."

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