Demand Activation Retail

Avoiding out-of-stocks or excess inventories and getting accurate information about products’ performance at points of sales (POS) is what manufacturers and retailers desire to know on a daily basis. Just imagine if your company could electronically collect, consolidate, process and report vital sales and inventory information to better plan sales actions, increase inventory turns, encourage production, manage promotions and detect opportunities for growth — all  with collaboration between brand owners and retailers. 

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Neogrid EPOS Visibility - Demand Activation Retail makes it possible to obtain data when you need it to help your team making intelligent decisions and ensure that products are always available to the end consumer.


Hundreds of retailers are already collaborating with their suppliers through this robust, single-source, action-oriented business intelligence solution. Join the grid and get important data that can increase your profit and market share.

Results and benefits:

  • 1 Daily reports giving visibility into inventory levels by store, supply suggestion, sales behaviour, lost sales, days without sales, alerts for unavailability of products on the shelves, among others, through intelligent indicators.
  • 2 Identification of unavailability root causes with proposed solutions to eliminate the problems.
  • 3 Higher product availability at POS with the right mix.
  • 4 Improved promotional compliance.
  • 5 Visibility into store execution processes and issues.
  • 6 Enhanced collaboration with retailers.
  • 7 Fast and easy implementation.
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