Sales and Operations Planning

Reduce the complexity of your planning process with multiple sources of information to improve business strategies and results throughout the organization, based on demand-driven sales and operations planning.

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NeoGrid S&OP provides organizations with integrated business management tools and processes that will help you overcome historical issues and bring true collaborative planning, by synchronizing all functions of the organization to obtain balanced inventories with high turns and, ultimately, maximize efficiency and profit.

This single, integrated, cloud-based, comprehensive and easy-to-use solution will empower you to make accurate long- and short-term Sales & Operations Planning decisions to benefit from a single version of the truth across Sales, Marketing, Finance and Demand Planning.


  • 1 Lack of market information.
  • 2 Lack of sales roadmaps.
  • 3 Little statistical forecasting and planning.
  • 4 Lack of special event management.
  • 5 Little inventory assertiveness.
  • 6 Lack of new product development planning.
  • 7 No views and what-if modelling capabilities specific to individual needs.
  • Benefits

  • 1 A unique, dynamic and collaborative planning process across all areas of the company
  • 2 Reduce errors and, consequently, costs.
  • 3 Forecast demand with high levels of accuracy and precision
  • 4 Spend more time collaborating to deliver results.
  • 5 Make intelligent decisions to reduce lead times in the entire supply chain.
  • 6 Increase profits, with balanced inventories and higher turns based on demand.
  • 7 Increase service levels and market share.
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