Strategic Sourcing

Imagine if you could typically reduce costs by 5-20 percent and save 26 hours per eRFx and eAuction, while also lowering your risk with process enforcement and compliance. Strategically managing sourcing events is easier than ever with NeoGrid ezMarket, secure, cloud-based software for buyers and suppliers, with which companies can quickly access sophisticated features to accommodate complex bids and follow-up analysis.

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While other sourcing applications sacrifice usability in favour of complicated technology, Global 1000 organizations prefer NeoGrid Strategic Sourcing solutions because of its easy event creation and unique, real-time communication, which allow for higher user adoption.

We have more than 10 years of global experience and connect thousands of retailers and suppliers. Join the grid to immediately achieve significant savings and obtain sustainable results, while also establishing best practices. 


  • 1 Manual process for quotes, searches and selection of suppliers with long response times.
  • 2 Finding an online negotiation tool that is collaborative and attends specific, complex RFx /auctions, involving many resources.
  • 3 Lack of proven methodology with standardized and repeatable processes.
  • 4 Lack of full event traceability for audit or reference.
  • Benefits

  • 1 Intuitive and secure interface, available in 15 languages, which facilitates integration of buyers and suppliers.
  • 2 Full RFx functionality with offline supplier response preparation, intuitive custom weight and score, multi-stakeholder scoring.
  • 3 Multiple auction types with transformational bidding.
  • 4 Pre-formatted supplier proposal and bid reports with custom download options.
  • 5 Buyers’ suppliers are kept private.
  • 6 Standardized, repeatable processes.
  • 7 Quick, easy and phased implementation, mostly up and running within days, with rapid return on investment and scalable to grow with your projects.
  • 8 24 hour, 5 day a week, multi-language support.
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