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+ 80 million

documents transmitted per year

+ 16 million

orders transmitted/year


document types

Mercadinhos São Luiz

We had more than 90% of suppliers transmitting orders via EDI Neogrid and an average of 9,000 orders per month and 300 orders per day, boosting efficiency for the retail chain.

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Where can we help you?

  • Complexities in your sales management

  • Standardization in document exchange

  • Centralized document exchange across the entire network

  • Out-of-stocks on the shelf

  • Supply delays and returns


How we address the pain points for manufacturers

Online file search

View and download documents online. Print documents, if necessary, in case there is no automatic integration.

File upload

Send files online from anywhere, streamlining communication.

File reading and transfer control

Access data such as time and discrepancies that may impact delivery.

Resend files

Resend files to the directory in case of loss or ERP processing errors.

Email notices and notifications

Create rules to generate email notices when sending or receiving documents. Receive notifications of discrepancies in the transmission process.

Control of duplicate documents

Control document duplication, ensuring security and preventing duplicate transmissions to the recipient.


How does technology solve your company’s pain points?

Learn more about EDI PDF Connect

Perfect solution to integrate 100% of your purchase orders, recommended for companies of all sizes and sectors.

With it, you automatically convert all orders received in .PDF format to the layout/standard you use, integrating them with EDI and ERP.

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