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profit increase


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  • Strategic pricing

    only for a small portion of SKUs (curve A)

  • Reactive pricing

    with little control over results

  • Lack of visibility

    of competitor prices

  • Increased number of sales channels

  • Multiple SKUs to price

    with a high number of variables that affect the price


How does technology solve your company’s pain points?

Business rule calibration

Configuring policies, guidelines, or criteria to determine pricing based on diverse variables.

Market monitoring

Tracking product prices in real time across all channels and sales points.

Artificial intelligence

Powerful artificial intelligence that prices products accurately and in accordance with business rules and macroeconomic variables.


How does technology solve your company’s pain points?

Artificial intelligence

Shows the impact of each variable and the algorithm's decision-making rationale.

Dynamic pricing

Always updated and competitive product prices on the online platforms integrated to Predify.

Price elasticity analysis

Simple elasticity, price fluctuation, and regular product price sensitivity analysis

Smart pricing

Artificial intelligence to price your products accurately according to your business rules, competitors, macroeconomic variables, and other indicators

Our solutions

Boost your results with our add-ons and other solutions

Online search

Partnership with a research institute that searches for prices at the location determined by the customer, directly on the shelf (does not include capturing prices from behind the counter).

Offline search

Price checks on competitor websites. Powered by web scraping algorithms that search daily for product prices in the most important e-commerce sites, marketplaces, and applications.

Another solution

Pricing solution based on artificial intelligence to monitor market prices in online channels, through competitive analysis and generating comparisons that consider market trends and fluctuations.

Price Go

Price collection application developed to provide greater autonomy to field teams conducting geolocated research with image recognition technology.

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