Big numbers





+ 80 million

documents transmitted per year

+ 16 million

orders transmitted/year


document types


Where can we help you?

  • Lack of standardization in document exchange

  • Centralized document exchange across the entire network

  • Out-of-stocks on the shelf

  • Supply delays and returns


How we address the pain points for manufacturers

Data validation

Allows documents that do not meet the conditions determined by the customer to be blocked on the Neogrid WebEDI platform, not integrating them into the system.

Confirmation messages

To ensure control over document deliveries, control documents can be used, which are known as confirmation messages.

Data conversion with web configuration

Enables configuring replacement items on documents for seamless integration into the system, eliminating manual data review and modification costs 

File traffic history, alerts, and reports

Set up email alerts, view the history and document traffic

Monitoring for visualization and tracking

Gain access to comprehensive message tracking with real-time updates on document status

Contingency in web interface 

Web-based document availability for file upload and download

Scheduled delivery

Establish a cutoff time and determine the time of day when your connectivity can integrate files into your system

Control of duplicate documents

Ensure secure and duplicate-free document delivery to recipients

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