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  • Loss of sales

    Restock products and react to market changes quickly

  • Lack of inventory management at the supplier

    Safeguard your business from financial losses due to expired products or those losing market appeal

  • High cost of shipping urgent orders

    Eliminate the burden of excess costs incurred from urgent orders due to out-of-stocks

  • Unnecessary product shipments

    Elevate service levels and foster collaboration between manufacturer and retailers

  • Lack of visibility into product performance

    Make more accurate decisions in production planning and inventory distribution


How we address the pain points for manufacturers

Management of SKUs, parameters, and inventory policies
Management of SKUs, parameters, and inventory policies

Streamline management across all SKUs in your business with customizable inventory policies, including lead time, replenishment frequency, unitization, replenishment batch, logistics network, and origin.

Statistical forecasting with artificial intelligence
Statistical forecasting with artificial intelligence

Leverage AI-powered insights to transform inventory, sell-out, and in-transit order data into automated replenishment suggestions.

Forecasts with high granularity
Forecasts with high granularity

Uncover the sales concentration of each item across locations, gaining insights into which month performs best and even which day of the week drives the highest sales for specific products in each store.

Event management
Event management

Manage events that impact demand forecasting, such as competitor actions, exchange rate fluctuations, promotions, and more, and have a more accurate and profitable forecast.

Customizable dashboards
Customizable dashboards

Monitor the performance of your operations with over 15 key performance indicators (KPIs) focused on reducing out-of-stocks and maximizing coverage.

Understand the benefits for your business

Increase your sales

Achieve seamless synchronization between your business and your trading partners, ensuring high inventory availability at the POS.

Optimize production

Thus, optimizing ordering and logistics processes

Track the performance of your products

Gain access to detailed inventory and consumption data from your POS

Make more effective replenishments

Automated according to retail demand and needs

Eliminate the risk of out-of-stock

Build customer loyalty

Increase product availability by improving the level of service, ensuring consumer satisfaction

Guaranteed product availability

Eliminate the risk of out-of-stock and increase sales

Reduced time

Reduce time spent shipping orders

Increased inventory turnover at the POS

Reducing excess inventory and idle cash, that is, increasing working capital

Better service for end customers

Ensuring the product is available in stock

Reduced time

In the supply chain

Strengthens the partnership

Between companies

Increase your sales

By reducing out-of-stocks


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