Achieved results

Drastic reduction in data collection

and processing time for planning

High accuracy

of statistical forecasts

Achieve balanced inventory levels

minimize out-of-stocks, reduce sales losses and excess inventory costs, and free up tied-up capital.

Increased product availability

improving the level of service and consumer satisfaction

Enhanced alignment in planning

decision-making across key business units, fostering greater commitment and a sense of ownership.


Where can we help you?

  • Inventory excess and shortage

  • Loss of sales and market share

  • More time spent on data collection than on analysis

  • High logistics costs

  • Customer complaints and disagreements

    between operations and sales  


How does technology solve your company’s pain points?

Information automation
Information automation

With Neogrid's S&OP, you direct efforts to strategic analysis, in an automated manner, overcoming the challenges of gathering required information. You spend less time with manual operations and improve communication with different company areas.

Statistical Forecasting
Statistical Forecasting

Neogrid's S&OP uses one of the 33 available statistical methods to predict future demand according to sales profile, history information, seasonality, trends, and outliers. Thus, your company can direct efforts to strategic analysis.

Event management

Event management enables more accurate demand forecasting by incorporating variables such as competitor actions, supply chain disruptions, currency fluctuations, promotions, product launches, and even economic crises.


Leverage workflows to orchestrate demand forecasting with key departments. The platform provides meeting minutes, activity calendars, email alerts, and a cockpit view to ensure alignment across all teams in this critical phase.

How does technology solve your company’s pain points?

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