Over 150 retailers already use the Smarket platform.

Results that can be achieved


improvement in the productivity of promotional campaigns


growth in offer margins

Barbosa Supermarket

Smarket's technology allowed an operational gain of more than 33% and a 26-fold increase in promotion ROI.

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  • Difficulty in measuring results

    generated by promotions, which hinders the creation of strategies for other actions

  • Manual processes

    which generate errors and low productivity

  • Decentralized communication

    that hampers the execution of activities

  • Lack of control and verification

    of the spaces at the point of sale and negotiated actions with suppliers.


Understand the plan that best fits the current scenario of your business.


How does technology solve your company’s pain points?

Offer Management
Offer Management

Use different segmentations in the same campaign, set margin goals, fill out and select the type of offer, price the products, send for approval, and automate the layout of flyers.

Improvement in communication
Improvement in communication

Create custom poster designs for each type of promotion and any product, print according to your preference, and access reports to track the number generated by each store.

Complete control of the Trade Marketing process directly on the platform
Complete control of the Trade Marketing process directly on the platform

Map out the areas and create trade actions. Verify execution via the app, and generate execution reports.


Our platform supports you in every stage of the promotional process

  • Define

    Define the objective, target audience, and tactics to be used

  • Plan

    Define products, prices, goals, channels, and promotional activities

  • Execute

    Communicate and implement the planned tactics in stores

  • Measure

    Analyze the results of promotional actions

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