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of everything produced in Brazil reaches consumers through the indirect channel.

Lillo do Brasil

The company reduced customer churn by 18% after just three months of using the DAD solution.

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Pet Society

Brand reduces lost sales by 81% after four weeks of using the DAD solution.

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  • Increase product availability

    Track the sales assertiveness of products and measure the effectiveness of your planning, analyzing sales performance and distributor ranking insights

  • Reduce excess inventory and out-of-stocks

    Monitor and evaluate daily KPIs such as sell-out, inventory levels, sales assertiveness, as well as losses and performance of product categories at distributors.

  • Optimize the distribution plan and sales cycle

    Uncover sales outliers for your products across distributors at daily, monthly, and annual levels. Leverage these insights to optimize your strategies.

  • Find new business opportunities

    Identify potential customers and those who have not purchased your products within a sales cycle.

  • Elevate distributor service levels

    Validate incentive plans or sales campaigns with distributors by tracking performance data.

How does technology solve your company’s pain points?

What is Toolbelt?

It’s our data quality platform, through which the industry gains access to accurate information about its sales process with distributors, resulting in greater collaboration.

With Toolbelt, we automate data validation through email alerts that are also highlighted on the portal so that the distributor can identify discrepancies and correct them.

We provide a team dedicated to engaging with distributors, facilitating data validation and recurrence.


How we address the pain points for manufacturers

Tactical dashboard
Tactical dashboard

Monitor the performance of each distributor across sell-out, sales price, and sales assertiveness KPIs, comparing the evolution with previous results.

Price analysis
Price analysis

Monitor the evolution of prices charged in recent months and analyze the relationship between sell-out and inventory levels.


Assess the geographic reach of your sales and monitor the performance of your products sold by region.

Sales Assertiveness
Sales Assertiveness

Streamline the performance monitoring of your products at distributors, using evolution graphs and assertiveness tables with item-level visibility.


Monitor the sales performance of your distributors using evolution charts, sales tables in quantity or monetary value, with customer and item views.

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